Since 2001, Jaiya John and Soul Water Rising have remained faithful to a mission of serving communities and lives through compassionate, healing work. Here are some of our accomplishments:

  • Donated over 5,000 books to youth serving programs and organizations worldwide.
  • Spoken to over half a million souls worldwide, including youth, families, professionals, advocates, and leaders.
  • Written and published 14 book titles addressing healing and wellness within the human experience.
  • Mentored hundreds of youth through ongoing relational support, guidance, and creative opportunities.
  • Provided educational scholarships to several vulnerable, well-deserving youth.
  • Participated in numerous social justice initiatives nationally.
  • Offered consultation to numerous agencies, programs, states, and national initiatives.
  • Shared system change visions for arenas including child welfare, juvenile justice, mental health, and education.





Your purchases support our global BOOK ANGEL PROJECT, which donates books and scholarships for vulnerable youth, and places gift copies of my books in locations worldwide where hearts are tender: Hospitals, community centers, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, prisons, youth detention centers, foster care and homelessness programs, and more. You can support our Book Angel Project by posting on Instagram with your book or product, and tagging #JaiyaJohn. Gratitude!